The American Legion Riders
Hollywood Chapter 43

We are composed of motorcycle riders who are veterans and veteran supporters. Our membership comes from the Hollywood Post 43 American Legion Family.

Hello from your ALR DOC Safety Officer! 

It has been an eventful and enjoyable year so far.  First, we got the ALR DOC Safety Manual adopted and set the example for other states to follow.  Already I have been contacted by folks from Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon about them using our format for their programs.  The documents are on the ALR DOC website ( and can be downloaded so each Chapter (or member) can have a copy.

Second, we awarded the first ALR Cup to the Chapter that rode the most accident free miles through the years.  We have also refined the rules for the ALR Cup.  Here is a recap:

  • All rides must be a sanctioned ride in support of a Veteran Organization, a Veteran support event or fund raiser.
  • Mileage is counted in the following manner:
    1. From a common starting point (typically your Post) to the event
    2. Mileage ridden during the event
    3. Mileage back to common point (typically your Post)
  • No matter how many bikes/riders go on the ride, mileage is only counted for ONE bike/rider (i.e. 10 riders go on a 100 mile ride for a fund raiser, you only record 100 miles)
  • “Pop-up” rides, Rides of Opportunity to other Chapters or Veteran Service Posts NOT IN SUPPORT of a Veteran Organization, Event or Fund Raiser DOES NOT COUNT.
  • If a Rider has an accident while on a sanctioned ride, the Chapter will reset their mileage-to-date back to zero and restart their calculations.
  • Mileage for the ALR CUP will be recorded from 01 May to 31 March.
    1. For end of year reports, each chapter will continue to record their mileage through the end of April to include the mileage to and from Convention.


Finally, we had some great times at the Western Romp (in San Luis Obispo Chapter 66) and ALR DOC Rally (in Indio Chapter 739).  As well as many other rides and events since we met in April.  As of 15 Nov we have recorded the following:

- Miles recorded: 175, 249

- # of Events attended: 7,409

While this seems like a lot, there are some Chapters that show very little or no miles ridden this year.  I do not believe these Chapters are not riding.  Please help us report true numbers for what we do: ride to help raise monies for Veteran charities.


Thank you,

Ken ‘Grumpy’ White

ALR DOC Safety Officer

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